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Hip Hop

Get in shape while learning the latest hip hop trends. Each class will begin with a warm up and stretch then students will learn various dance combinations.  This class is a fun and energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.  Hip Hop students can apply what they learn to various styles of dance and settings, including dancing at night clubs.  All levels welcome! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring clean sneakers or dance shoes.



Ballet is a beautiful, classical style of dance that can be learned at any age.  We will begin with a warm-up at the Ballet barre and progress to various steps and dance combinations.  Ballet is a great way to exercise, improving postures, strength, and flexibility.  Please bring ballet slippers.


Dance2Fit uses various types of popular Hip Hop music to create but rewarding full body workout.  We’ll be targeting core muscle groups by using body weight within choreographed routines.  You’ll dance, sweat and tone your way into a healthier you.  Yoga mat suggested but not required.  Please bring clean sneakers.  Street shoes are not allowed in the dance studio.


This is a fun way to exercise while learning the basics of tap. We will learn a variety of steps and combinations. This class will help improve your coordination and rhythm.  Beginner and Intermediate students are welcome!  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring tap shoes.


This is a fun, upbeat class that begins with a warm-up and stretch. Students will then learn jazz progressions and variety of dance combinations. Students will classical jazz technique and current styles. All levels welcome! Please bring jazz shoes or ballet slippers.

Contemporary Dance

Are you a fan of “So You Think You Can Dance” and want to learn more about contemporary dance? Then join us for this fun class! Contemporary dance blends jazz, ballet, and modern dance styles. It is a unique, expressive, and quirky dance style. Each week students will have a warm-up, stretch, and learn dance combinations. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Students will dance barefoot.

Private Classes

Privates classes are available in all of the above movement styles, and we also offer wedding instruction. If you are preparing for a wedding we recommend two to three lessons for a basic dance. Private classes are $80 per hour. Please call the studio for more information. Private lessons are available on Fridays and Sundays.

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