We welcome new students year round. You can join mid-month, we will prorate tuition for any missed classes.


Classes start Wednesday, September 4, 2019 – May 31, 2019


The studio will be closed for the following school vacation dates:

Thanksgiving Recess – November 27th through November 30th
Holiday Recess – December 23rd through January 1st
Winter Recess- February 17th through February 22nd
Spring Recess- April 20th through April 25th

Classes will be held on the single holidays of:

Rosh Hashanah- September 30th                                        Veterans Day – November 11th
Columbus Day – October 14th                                           Martin Luther King Day – January 20th
Yom Kippur-  October 9th

Classes will not be held on the single holidays of:

Halloween- October 31st no evening classes

Memorial Day- May 25th


Our tuition is inclusive! What does that mean? Payments are due monthly and no extra fees!! That’s right, that means no additional fees for registration or performance costumes & tights! In addition each family will also receive one DVD of the spring performance*, each student will receive a welcome gift at the start of the school year, and a spring performance t-shirt at no additional charge*, and we will also have some special surprises throughout the school year! Why? We know it can be hard when a lot of extra fees are due during the school year. Our program makes it easier to budget, and you don’t have to worry about extra costs, as everything is included in your monthly fee.

* excluded Mommy & Me, this class will include other incentives within the program.

Tuition is charged monthly. There will be 9 payments during the school year, September- May. The first month is due upon enrollment. A credit/debit card is required for enrollment and will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month. At anytime if you choose not to continue classes please let us know before the next month to avoid being charged.

If your card is declined, a payment must be received by the 7th of the month or there will be a late charge of $10.00. Any account that is more than two weeks overdue, the student will not be allowed to participate in class.

Please note:
-All accounts must have a credit/debit card on file. We accept Visa & MasterCard
-Tuition is not adjusted due to cancellations or absences.
-Tuition is based on the full season, is a flat monthly fee and will not change based on the number of classes/weeks per month.
-If you choose not to perform in the annual Spring Performance, monthly tuition does not change.
-The cost of your costume has been incorporated into your monthly fee for the school year. Please inform us by December if you are not performing or planning to complete the school year. If you do not, and we order your child a costume , there will be a $10 surcharge per month for each uncompleted class to cover the cost of your costume that will automatically be charged to your account.
-If you decide to add/drop a class please let us know at least a week before the next month so you are charged/billed accordingly.
-Students who are absent from a class, are encouraged to make up the lesson. Under no circumstances will a refund be given if a student chooses not to make up that particular lesson.

All Classes

One 30 minute class per week $65.00 per month

One 45 minute class per week $83.00 per month
One 60 to 75 minute class per week $88.00 per month
One 90 minute class per week $93.00 per month

Multiple Class Discount

Each additional 30 minute class $65 per month

Each additional 45 minute class $68.00 per month
Each additional 60 to 75 minute class $73.00 per month
Each additional 90 minute class $78.00 per month

Unlimited Classes

Per month $410.00 Cannot be combined between students, for individual students only. Not valid for any other discounts.


Each student pays full price for their first class, each additional class is discounted, the pricing is listed above. Families who pay tuition in full for the entire school year will receive an additional 5% discount after all other discounts have been applied.


There will be a performance in May for all students. The date is Sunday, May 31, 2020. This is the culmination of the dance year where participation is optional, but encouraged. Tickets for the performance will be $22-$24 per ticket. Ages 3 and under are free. Participating students are required to attend the dress rehearsal and all scheduled performances. If there are multiple performances we will try, but cannot guarantee all siblings will be in the same performance.


In the event of public school cancellations due to inclement weather, dance classes will also be cancelled. The studio will usually follow the Acton Public School systems policy. Cancellations will be announced on the studio’s answering machine, on Facebook, & an email will be sent to parents. If there is a cancellation, students are welcome to take another class as a makeup. We will also offer extra makeup classes if there are excessive cancellations during the winter season. Under no circumstances will a refund be given if a student chooses not to make up that particular lesson.

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