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BELOW ARE THE SCHEDULED CLASS TIMES. If you cannot make your scheduled time, you are welcome to stop in at anytime during the day for an individual photo.

Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time.
Students will be photographed both individually & in a class.
There is no obligation to purchase individual photos.
Photos with friend must be approved by parents & purchased.


4:00pm Mommy & Me Saturday 9am
4:05pm Tiny Dancers Saturday 9:45am
4:15pm Fairy Tale Dance Monday 4:30pm
4:30pm Dance Foundations Monday 4:30pm
4:35pm Fairy Tale Dance Saturday 10:30am
4:55pm Dance Foundations Saturday 11:15am
5:05pm Hip Hop I/II Friday 5:30pm
5:10pm Acrobatics Wednesday 5:30pm
5:20pm Jazz/Tap Wednesday 4:30pm
5:25pm Jazz III Tuesday 5:30pm
5:35pm Teen Hip Hop I/II Tues. 6:15pm
5:45pm Teen Jazz I Wed. 5:30pm
5:50pm Teen Jazz III Monday 5:15pm
5:55pm Junior Elite Co. Thursday 4:15pm
6:00pm Teen Lyrical I Wed. 6:45pm
6:10pm Tap III/Teen Tap I Wed. 6:45pm
6:15pm Ballet III/Teen Ballet I Wed. 4:15pm
6:25pm Teen Jazz II Thursday 5:15pm
6:35pm Teen Lyrical III Thursday 5:15pm
6:45pm Tap Co. Tues. 8:15pm
6:50pm Teen Lyrical II Monday 6:15pm
7:05pm Break Dance Fri. 7:15pm
7:15pm Teen Tap III Wed. 6:45pm
7:20pm Production Dance Tues. 6:45pm
7:30pm Senior Hip Hop Co. 7:15pm
7:40pm Teen Ballet II Monday 5pm
7:50pm Teen Ballet III Monday 6:30pm
8:00pm Teen Hip Hop III Tues. 8pm
8:10pm Teen Acrobatics Thurs. 4:15pm
8:15pm Teen & Sr. Elite Co. ( Jazz) Thurs. 6:30pm
8:35pm Pointe Monday 7:45pm
8:45pm Teen & Sr. Elite Co. ( Lyrical) Thurs. 6:30pm
9:00pm Solos/Duets Wed. 5:00pm / Fri. 4:00pm

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