The Spring Performance

The performance is Sunday, May 31st at the Littleton High School auditorium at 5:30 pm.

All students must arrive by 4:30 pm.

* There will be a table where ALL STUDENTS must check-in upon arrival. Please don’t forget! After checking in students will be sent to the cafeteria or the band room.
* All students will need to stay backstage for the entire performance except for Tiny Dancers & Fairy Tale Dance Students.
* Parents are not allowed backstage.
* Tiny Dancers & Fairy Tale Dance will only need to be backstage for the Act they are in. During intermission these students can be brought to or picked up in the cafeteria. If they wish to participate in the Finale, they need to be brought back to the cafeteria three dances before the Finale.
* Students may bring a snack and water only to the dressing room.
* There will be a movie shown and coloring books for younger children.
* The day of the performance no food, drink, flash photography, or video recording is allowed in the auditorium.
* Please make sure all young children stay seated.
* If you need to leave/enter the auditorium please be courteous and try to do so between dances.
Your cooperation is appreciated.  Thank You!

Class Line Up – Spring Performance 2020

Act I
1. Production Dance Monday 7:00pm
2. Teen Lyrical I/II Wednesdays 5:00pm
3. Teen Hip Hop Tuesdays 7:00pm
4. Teen Elite Company Lyrical Thursdays 5:30pm
5. Jazz III Tuesdays 6:15pm
6. Senior Elite Company Contemporary Thursdays 5:30pm
7. Junior Elite Company Thursdays 6:30pm
8. Tiny Dancers Saturday 9:30am
9. Teen Jazz III Wednesdays 7:45pm
10. Teen Elite Company Jazz Thursdays 5:30pm
11. Ballet I/II Mondays 5:15pm
12. Acrobatics Wednesdays 5:00pm
13. Pointe Thursday 7:45pm
14. Hip Hop II Tuesday 6:00pm
15. Fairytale Dance Thursdays 4:45pm
16. Teen Acrobatics I Wednesdays 4:15pm
17. Improv. & Choreo Mondays 6:00pm
18. Dance Foundations Thursdays 4:45pm
19. Advanced Acrobatics Thursdays 4:00pm
Act II
1. Rio Opener
2. Hip Hop I Wednesdays 5:45pm
3. Fairytale Dance Saturdays 10:00am
4. Petite Elite Company Mondays 6:00pm
5. Tap I/II Mondays 4:30pm
6. Jazz I Mondays 5:15pm
7. Ballet Production (Ballet III/Teen Ballet I/II/III)
8. Adult Tap
9. Teen Lyrical III/Contemp. Wednesdays 6:30pm
10. Dance Foundations Saturday 11:00am
11. Tap Company Mondays 7:45pm
12. Lyrical I Tuesdays 5:15pm
13. Teen Tap III Mondays 7:00pm
14. Teen Tap I/II Mondays 6:45pm
15. Teen Jazz II Wednesdays 6:15pm
16. Senior Elite Company Jazz Thursdays 5:30pm

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