What is The Movement Collective?

A membership program for adults. Including access to our adult dance & movement classes designed to be accessible for all levels. All of our memberships include access to our private Facebook group, where you can watch class combos, and communicate with other members & staff.


Our Goal?

Creating an inclusive community for you! You will not only learn dance and movement, but build new friendships and relationships with other like minded adults. We believe dance and movement should be accessible to all. No matter age, experience or fitness level. We want to see you thrive, and have created a safe space so you can feel free to express yourself through movement & let your uniqueness shine.  Our teachers lead with compassion, and are here to help you achieve your goals. Movement classes help improve brain & emotional health. Whether you are new to these forms of movement or experienced, all are welcome!

Below are the class styles that we offer. Our schedule varies, so not all classes are offered all the time.

Adult Hip Hop

If you love to move & groove, then this class is for you! This energetic class not only teach you Hip Hop movements and technique, but will also instill rhythm and precision in your muscle memory. Each class will begin with a warm up and stretch then students will learn various dance combinations to to the latest hip hop & pop music. This is a great cardio workout and  you can also apply what you learn to various styles of dance and settings, including dancing at night clubs.  All levels welcome! Please wear comfortable clothing and bring clean sneakers.

Adult Jazz Dance

Join us for this upbeat class. You will dance to classic Broadway music to current pop music. Learning a variety of jazz dance styles, including Broadway. All levels are welcome! Our class will start with a warm up & stretch, and then progressions across the floor, and you will also learn a dance combination each week. This class is for you if you love to move and are looking for a high energy class. If you love Broadway this class will also introduce you to Broadway dance, ideal for those who are looking to brush up on their skills for theatre auditions. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring jazz dance shoes.

Adult Ballet Barre & Tone

Are you a ballet dancer or have you been wanting to learn ballet? Or perhaps you are looking to tone & strengthen? Then come join us! Our Class will start with a traditional ballet barre & stretch to warm up. We will then progress to toning and strengthening exercises off the barre. We suggest bringing small weights 1 lbs. to 3lbs., or you can even use water bottles, and we recommend bringing in  a yoga mat if you are joining us in the studio. If you will be joining us virtually, same as the above and you can use a chair for the barre portion of class.

Adult Tap

Maybe you are a fan of Broadway or have just always wanted to learn to tap? This class is offered in two levels, a beginner and intermediate/advanced class. Tap is a rhythmic style of dance, that can be learned at any age. During class you will learn a variety of steps and combinations, dancing to oldies, Broadway & even pop music! This class will also help improve your coordination, rhythm & motor skills.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring tap shoes, no heels please. We recommend an oxford style tap shoe, available for purchase in our boutique as well.

Adult Contemporary Dance

Are you a fan of “So You Think You Can Dance” and want to learn more about contemporary dance? Then join us for this fun class! Contemporary dance blends jazz, ballet, and modern dance styles. It is a unique, expressive, and quirky dance style. Each week you will start with a warm-up, stretch, and learn dance combinations. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. You will dance barefoot.

Adult Ballet

Ballet is a beautiful art form that can be learned at any age! Join us and learn the fundamentals of ballet. You will learn terminology and enjoy a traditional style class, that includes a ballet barre warmup, center work and across the floor. At the end of class we will put all that we have learned together and perform short dance combinations. Do you already know the basics? You are welcome too, this class is for all levels!

Dance Physique

Let’s all break a sweat and have some invigorating fun! This 30 minut Xpress class will incorporate many different exercises to tone the body and keep you feeling energized! Participants will start with a full body warm up from head to toe with high cardio movements. We will work on center strength and follow with dance movements that will improve your posture and develop core control! Arms sequences will be added in the warm up as well. We will then incorporate some ballet style movements at the barre. The ballet style movements will be done at a fast pace for cardio strength and conditioning for the body. Many of these movements will get our heart rate up and will build strength in those small muscles we never knew existed! We will also work on abdominal exercises, pelvic floor strengthening and glute and booty exercises! Let’s end the class with relaxing stretches that will have us feeling so refreshed and revitalized! If you like you may bring two- 1lb to3lb. weights, and a mat for floor work and stretching.

Private Dance Lessons

Looking for One on One Instruction? We also offer private instruction in all of the above styles. Please contact us for more information and scheduling. Rates are $80 per hour.

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