Mommy and Me Ages 1.5 to 3 and caregiver

The goal of this class is to introduce your child to music and dance while fostering their imagination. Students are introduced to basic ballet and dance movements through games and creative movement by using props such as tunnels, cones, wands, scarves and more! Non-Performance Class

Tiny Dancers Ages 2.5 to 3.5

This class is ideal for young dancers who are ready to dance on their own. In this 30 minute class students will will learn ballet and tap in a fun & playful manner. Each month will have a specific theme to help engage each child.

Fairy Tale Dance Ages 3.5 to 5

Dreams really do come true..come join us for this magical dance experience! This program is specifically designed to introduce your little princess or prince to ballet and tap in a fun, playful and imaginative setting. Each month focuses on a special fairy tale or princess story. Students will be read the story, dance, receive coloring/learning sheets and special gifts throughout the year. All the while learning the fundamentals of dance and providing an unique experience that builds confidence, classroom readiness, and gross motor skills.

Tiny Yogis

This class is designed for our youngest yogis. Incorporating creative movement, games & stories. All while introducing students to basic poses, breathing & mindfulness.

Dance Foundations Kindergarten

In this class students begin more formal ballet training, but the curriculum is still age appropriate, incorporating games and creative movement. Dancers are introduced to the ballet barre and ballet terminology. This class also includes a tap section that enhances the student’s musicality and rhythm.

Move N’ Groove Yoga Kindergarten to Grade 3 

This class incrporates upbeat songs, dance, games & creative movement. Students learn yoga poses, breathing & even Savasana, a peaceful relaxation at the end of class.

Ballet Grades 1 and up

This class will focus on classical ballet technique, helping build strength, flexibility, and musicality. Ballet provides the foundation for many dance forms and is strongly encouraged for all students. Pointe is also offered for students who are technically and physically ready.

Jazz Grades 1 and up

Jazz is an American form of dance, based on ballet training and inspired by popular music of today. The class consists of center floor exercises, progressions, and dance combinations that help build strength and flexibility.

Tap Grades 1 and up

Tap is a percussive and rhythmic style of dance. At the beginner level students are introduced to Broadway style tap and as they progress are introduced to rhythm tap. Students also learn terminology and musicality. Class consists of a warm up, across the floor and dance combinations.

Improvisation & Choreography Ages 10 & up

This class is ideal for Intermediate and Advanced dancers. In this class students will work on their improvisation skills with different exercises each week. Students will also start to learn how to choreograph and will have the opportunity to show their work at our Annual Spring Performance in June. We highly recommend this class for students who may wish to pursue a dance career or major in dance at college. This class will be more focused on contemporary & modern dance styles. Students need to bring a notebook to class each week and will have some homework for this class.

Hip-Hop Kindergarten and up

In this class students will learn current trends in hip-hop. Hip-hop is an upbeat form of dance to today’s popular music. Students will have a warm-up, learn steps across the floor, and dance combinations each week.

Lyrical Grades 4 and up

Lyrical is a beautiful and expressive form of dance. This dance style combines jazz and ballet movement to express the feelings and lyrics of the music. Class consists of center floor exercises, dance progressions, and dance combinations, focused on building technique, strength, and flexibility.

Acrobatics Kindergarten and up

Acro will enhance strength, flexibility and concentration and is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. At the beginning level you will learn forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, headstands, backbends, and more! Once students grasp the beginning level concepts, they will start working on more advanced elements such as front and back walkovers, backhand springs, back tucks, aerials, and more! Acro is strictly floor work with the use of mats, no other equipment is used.

 Production Dance

In this class students will learn a production dance that will open or close the Spring Performance. This will be a large high energy dance that will allow students to work together incorporating different styles of dance. Open to all students currently enrolled in a class, and who are in grades 4 and up. Starts in December.

Performance Company

Elite Performance Company and Tap & Hip Company

These classes are for students who want to perform more and compete. The Elite Company is an intensive program for dancers that want pre-professional training. Our Tap & Hip Company require a strong commitment, but is less intensive than the Elite program. Enrollment for these classes is by audition or invitation only. To learn more about these classes please go to the intensive or company page. You can also contact the studio for more information.

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