“My daughter has been dancing at the Movement Center for over 6 years and loves it! Her progress as a dancer has been lovely to watch. TMC has always been very accommodating and creates an atmosphere that provides dance development in a relaxed and supportive way. Her programs have really developed over the years to meet the desires of the dancers and their strengths – that flexibility has been wonderful. The dance intensives that she offered this summer were terrific. The small group atmosphere is great and the dancers were really able to dive deep into specific aspects of dance and choreography. My daughter really enjoyed them! She looks forward to dancing at the center again this fall and every year wants to take more and more classes!”
-Jackie Travers, Parent of current student

“Unlike his older brother, we noticed at an early age that my middle son spent more time dancing on the sidelines than actually playing the soccer games/ practices that he faithfully attended each week. We decided to try out The Movement Center as the hip hop class fitted our schedule. In the intervening four years he has studied many forms of dance including ballet, jazz, and contemporary styles and has had an absolutely amazing time as a competition dancer in 2 of their performing companies.

He has has grown both physically and mentally strong. The vigorous workouts have resulted in an athletic physique, and the discipline to follow often complex choreography has greatly increased his attention to detail. Most importantly his confidence has soared, my initially shy child now strides confidently into any situation.

He has found positive male and females role models within the dance teachers at TMC and the workshops and competitions attended through TMC. I cannot speak highly enough about my son’s very positive experience at TMC. This was brought home to me this weekend, after a 4 year absence my son (now in 7th grade) decided to play soccer again, his coach noticed his fancy foot skills and gave this advise “Whatever you do, do not give up the dance lessons, they have really paid off. ”

-Sian McGurk, Parent of current student


“I had so much fun as a student at The Movement Center.  My experience gave me so many opportunities to grow, not just as a dancer but as a person.  My teachers taught me to be confident, strong, and determined through my life both in and outside of dance.  I always felt I was in a safe environment where it was fun to learn.  The Movement Center also provided me with many opportunities to perform outside of the studio as well as participate in numerous dance conventions across the state.  I learned so much more about myself. My experiences and performances made me a stronger, more confident dancer and person.  I made so many great friends and memories over my six years at The Movement Center. I am forever grateful to my teachers and fellow dancers, for everything they taught me both in and outside the dance studio.”

-Sarah Burnett, Former student

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