The Movement Center Dance Studio  was founded by Jennifer Faulkner and first opened it’s doors in September 2002. Ms. Faulkner’s main goal was to provide the highest quality instruction while maintaining a positive and fun learning environment. She has always wanted to share her joy and love of dance with others, believing dance can be enjoyed at any age she decided to offer classes for both children & adults. The business was founded on the following values and they are still our focus today.


All of our teachers are committed to teaching to the best of their ability, focusing on technique and creativity through positivity. Whether your child is here for fun or has dreams of being a professional dancer our main goal is to foster their love of dance.


We have worked hard to create a unique program for each age group and level. Our teachers aspire to be positive role models and our always striving to find innovative ways to engage our students. Our hope is to inspire students on and off the dance floor to always strive to do their best.


Here at TMC we always teach students to be respectful of others. Everyone has different ways of learning and our students are always taught to be respectful and supportive of each other in class. This is done by focusing on teamwork and providing a supportive environment.


By focusing on the above principles we hope to show students that they can achieve anything through discipline, commitment, focus, and confidence. We believe these skills will help them throughout their whole lives.

Personal Growth

If we are successful in instilling & teaching the above values to our students, then the result will be personal growth. Our ultimate goal, helping students become a better version of themselves, and helping to give them skills they can use throughout life.

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