“Leading with Compassion & Acceptance to Empower Students to find their Voice.” 

Our Story

The Movement Center Dance Studio in Acton, MA was founded by Jennifer Faulkner and first opened it’s doors in September 2002. Ms. Faulkner’s main goal was to provide the highest quality instruction while maintaining a positive and fun learning environment. Jennifer has always wanted to share her joy and love of dance with others. She believed dance could be enjoyed at any age, and has continually offered classes for both children & adults. Through the years the business has evolved, with the focus remaining on offering the highest quality training in a inclusive & nurturing environment. Our students “feel like they are part of a family”. We strive to keep this feeling for all our students & staff as we continue to evolve.

Our Values

We are focused on maintaining the following values in all that we do.

Respecting Individuality

Here at TMC we acknowledge and respect each dancer’s individuality. We want your dancer’s uniqueness to shine! Our teachers and staff create a nurturing  & accepting environment so all of our dancers know that they are in a safe space, so they can truly be themselves without judgement. We instill this value in our dancers as well, teaching them not only dance, but to be respectful and compassionate to others at all times.

Inspiring Artistry

We believe dance has many benefits, and that it is not only  a form of exercise, but an expressive art form. Our teachers are committed to teaching proper technique and offering the highest quality dance training to each dancer. Striving to provide healthy challenges to help them grow & achieve their individual goals. Allowing them to find the true artistry in their movement. 

Enchanting & Joyful Experience

As soon as you enter our doors, we are focused on creating an enchanting and joyful experience for all. We want each of our families time with us at TMC to be memorable. Dancer’s are taught with love and compassion. Creating a joyful experience for each dancer through positive reinforcement and by acknowledging their accomplishments whether big or small. Our hope is to create joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

Freedom of Expression

By continuing to provide a safe space, our hope is that each dancer has discovered their own sense of freedom through dance. Dancers are encouraged to let their own emotions and feelings come through their movement. With this new confidence, we challenge students to take more risks and to teach them to not be afraid of failure. Upon completion of their journey with us, students feel empowered and confident. They realize their capabilities and have the courage to achieve their goals. Resulting in a confident and empowered dancer, who truly is not afraid to express themselves in & out of the studio.

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