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We offer a wide variety of classes for children and adults – Explore Our Programs


We are currently enrolling for Summer classes and the Sept. 2021-May 2022 School Year.

Interested in learning more about us? We are open Tuesdays & Thursdays 4pm-8pm for the month of August. Schedule a  private 15  minute Tour and Learn more about our programs by CLICKING HERE

Already enrolled? You can also schedule your dancewear & dance shoe fitting so you are all set before Fall classes start by CLICKING HERE.

Let your uniqueness shine! Here at TMC we provide a safe and nurturing space, to help your child build the confidence and skills, to fully express themselves through dance & movement. Children’s Classes start at Ages 1.5

We also offer adult classes. We believe dance & movement can be enjoyed at any age. Whether you are new to dance or have previous experience, all our welcome in our adult program.

We have 4 programs, one for each age group. Classes in each program have been carefully designed and developed for each age, with the intention to see you or your child blossom, thrive & achieve.

Discover with us the Magic, Joy & Freedom of Dance.

  • Our son has grown both physically and mentally strong. The vigorous workouts have resulted in an athletic physique, and the discipline to follow often complex choreography has greatly increased his attention to detail. Most importantly his confidence has soared, my initially shy child now strides confidently into any situation.  He has found positive male and females role models within the dance teachers at TMC and the workshops and competitions attended through TMC. I cannot speak highly enough about my son's very positive experience at TMC. This was brought home to me this weekend, after a 4 year absence my son (now in 7th grade) decided to play soccer again, his coach noticed his fancy foot skills and gave this advise "Whatever you do, do not give up the dance lessons, they have really paid off".

    Sian McGurk Parent
  • "My daughter has been dancing at the Movement Center for over 6 years and loves it! Her progress as a dancer has been lovely to watch. TMC has always been very accommodating and creates an atmosphere that provides dance development in a relaxed and supportive way.  She looks forward to dancing at the center again this fall and every year wants to take more and more classes!"

    Jackie Travers Parent

Leading with Compassion & Acceptance to Empower Students to find their Voice.

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