Ballet Grades 1 and up

This class will focus on classical ballet technique, helping build strength, flexibility, and musicality. Ballet provides the foundation for many dance forms and is strongly encouraged for all students. Pointe is also offered for students who are technically and physically ready.

Jazz Grades 1 and up

Jazz is an American form of dance, based on ballet training and inspired by popular music of today. The class consists of center floor exercises, progressions, and dance combinations that help build strength and flexibility.

Tap Grades 1 and up

Tap is a percussive and rhythmic style of dance. At the beginner level students are introduced to Broadway style tap and as they progress are introduced to rhythm tap. Students also learn terminology and musicality. Class consists of a warm up, across the floor and dance combinations.

Break Dance Grades 1 and up

Break dancing is a popular style of street dance. Students will learn such moves as top rock, down rock, power moves, freezes, and more! Class consists of a warm up, across the floor, and dance combinations.

Power Moves & Tricks Grades 4 & up

This class is ideal for Break Dance and Hip Hop students who want to take their dancing to the next level. Students will begin to learn freezes, spins, and acrobatic skills. Part of the class will be focused on strengthening & conditioning which is needed to achieve these skills.

Hip-Hop Grades 1 and up

In this class students will learn current trends in hip-hop. Hip-hop is an upbeat form of dance to today’s popular music.

Lyrical Grades 4 and up

Lyrical is a beautiful and expressive form of dance. This dance style combines jazz and ballet movement to express the feelings and lyrics of the music. Class consists of center floor exercises, dance progressions, and dance combinations, focused on building technique, strength, and flexibility.

Acrobatics Grades Kindergarten and up

Acro will enhance strength, flexibility and concentration and is sutiable for all levels from beginner to advanced. At the beginning level you will learn forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, headstands, backbends, and more! Once students grasp the beginning level concepts, thery will start working on more advanced elements such as front and back walkovers, backhand springs, back tucks, aerials, and more! Acro is strictly floor work with the use of mats, no other equipment is used. Non Performance Class

Stretch, Strength & Tricks Grades 4 and up

This class is all stretching & strengthening exercises set to upbeat and fun music. For all levels and highly recommended for those looking to improve their strength, stamina, and flexibility. Non Performance Class

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