Here at TMC safety is our number one priority during the COVID Pandemic.

Not ready to come back into the studio yet? We understand, are offering all of our classes In-Person and Live via Zoom. You can choose the option you are most comfortable with, when you are ready to join us for in-person classes just let us know.

Studio Protocols

For those coming to the studio for in-person classes, we have implemented new protocols, our goal is to keep all of our students, families, & faculty as safe as possible. We will continue to update this section with the latest news & requirements when visting us. Please remember to follow all of the protocols, those who do not are putting everyone at risk:

  • Everyone entering the building MUST wear a mask, except for those ages 2 & under. Students & teachers will be required to wear a mask during classes. We highly suggest wearing a mask that is made of breathable material, such as cotton.
  • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please do not come to class, you can take class at home via Zoom. If you show up with any symptoms you will be sent home. If you have been traveling out of state, you will not be allowed to enter the building, please quarantine at home for 2 weeks, and you can take your classes via Zoom for this period.
  • When entering & exiting the building, everyone must stop at our hand sanitizer stations to clean their hands. We have installed hands free dispensers throughout the building.
  • The studio floors have been marked with tape. Students will all have a 6 ft. square for center work, to keep students spread out as much as possible. Students will also have 6 ft. between them at all times when working at the ballet barre & waiting to go across the floor.
  • In-Person Class sizes will be cut down. Studio A will have 10 students maximum. Studio B will have 7 students maximum, depending on age. Studio C will have 8 students maximum. Some of our Teen & Grades 4-6 classes will be on a rotating schedule if the class size is larger than the studio capacity. Meaning each week a few students will be asked to take their class via Zoom. This allows us to continue to let all of our current & new students participate in classes. If this happens for your class, you will be given a schedule as to what weeks you will take your class at home. We anticipate this will be once every 4-6 weeks for each student if this occurs & will most likely be just for a few classes at most.
  • Students will be allowed to bring a small bag with their dance shoes and water. Please arrive already dressed in your dance attire. All other items must be left at home. Students who are at the studio for multiple classes in a row may bring a snack. We will no longer have cups near the sink for water, but students may refill their water bottles. Please remember to bring water & we still have water bottles available for purchase, for $1.
  • All studios will be cleaned between classes, students classes will end 5-8 minutes early. We will be wiping down all surfaces in the studio, bathrooms, ballet barres, & doorknobs will be cleaned at this time. Studio Floors will be cleaned once a day.
  • We will be leaving studio windows & doors open for air circulation and also have HEPA air filters in each studio.
  • The waiting room will remained closed until further notice.
  • Pick up & Drop off plan for our Children’s Program: Students only will be allowed to eter for class. Students ages 6 and under, may have one parent escort them in if needed. Please make sure you know which studio your class is in when you arrive. Please remember to stay 6 ft. apart when entering and to have your mask on. A teacher will come out and bring students in one by one for each class. They will be required to sanitize their hands when they enter & will have a designated area to put their belongings. They will then enter the studio and go to their assigned spot. At the end of class they will again sanitize their hands and will be escorted outside by a teacher.
  • If students arrive late or need to leave early they may enter and exit on their own.
  • We are encouraging parents to not enter the building during classes. The bike path is right outside if you want to take a walk or we have an outside area in the back of the studio if you would like to bring a folding chair and sit there when weather permits.
  • Special option will be available for Friday & Saturday classes for preschool age students & younger: We understand, you may be not be comfortable leaving your child or your child may have seperation anxiety. If this is the case you may bring your own folding chair in to the building, but please make sure you sit 6 ft away from anyone else in one of the common areas, as we will have only one class running at a time these days, so there should be ample room in the building. We ask only one parent per child & no siblings if possible.

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