Here at TMC safety is our number one priority during the COVID Pandemic.

All of our classes have returned to fully in-person. A virtual option remains for all of our adult classes.

Studio Protocols

As most of you may be aware, COVID restrictions have started to lift in Massachusetts. As of 6/1/22, masks are optional, but HIGHLY encouraged. This is subject to change during the Fall/Winter if COVID cases increase/their is a surge.

For those coming to the studio for in-person classes, below are all our current protocols. Our goal is to keep all of our students, families, & faculty as safe as possible. We will continue to update this section with the latest news & our requirements. Please remember to follow all of the protocols, those who do not are putting everyone at risk:

  • Masks are HIGHLY encouraged at all times.
  • We ask everyone to please wait outside near the front door when arriving for class, a staff emmber will escort your child into the building. Parents are asked to wait outside to cut down on traffic in the studio.
  • When class ends students will be escorted back outside, parents are asked to remain outside.
  • Students who have classes in Studio B and C, will enter through the main door. Students who have classes in Studio A, will enter & exit through the screened in door area, that goes directly into Studio A.
  • Parents of younger children, Kindergarten and under, one parent may enter & escort their child into the studio, but are asked to leave and return at the end of the class, once they and their child feel comfortable. Parents will be invited in once a month at the end of class to see their child dance.
  • For any students with separation anxiety, one parent may come in, but once your child has become comfortable, we ask that you please wait outside the building.
  • Other than the above, we kindly request all parents to not enter the building during classes. We do not mind if you’d like to come in once and awhile to observe for a few minutes, just ask at the front desk beforehand. The bike path is right outside if you want to take a walk or we have an outside area in the back of the studio if you would like to bring a folding chair and sit there when weather permits.
  • If you have any questions or need to purchase dancewear, parents are welcome to enter and come in to the office, our office manager is available to help you. However, there is a limit of 2 customers at a time in the dance store/office. We kindly ask you to wait outside until the customer before you leaves.
  • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please do not come to class, you are welcome to take a makeup class. If you show up with any symptoms you will be sent home
  • When entering & exiting the building, we ask everyone to stop at our hand sanitizer stations to clean their hands. We have installed hands free dispensers throughout the building.
  • The studio floors have been marked with tape. Students have a 6 ft. square for center work, to keep students spread out as much as possible.
  • We will be leaving studio windows cracked open for air circulation and also have HEPA air filters in each studio.
  • The waiting room will remain closed at this time, and is just for students use between classes.
  • Again, if at anytime a parent does want to come in to check on their child, please just check in at the front desk. Our main objective is to cut down on people in the building to limit risk, but we also want parents to feel welcome to check on their child.

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