As your child enters their teen years, our goal is for their confidence and technique to continue to grow with our guidance. We are focused on creating a safe space for their self expression, allowing them to experience more freedom in their movement as they mature



Your teen will love this dynamic two hour class, that focuses on Jazz, Contemporary & Tap! Dancers will learn Classic & Broadway style jazz, dancing to their favorite Broadway and pop tunes. They will also be introduced to the quirky and expressive style of Contemporary Dance and learn both rhythm and Broadway style tap too. All the while working on self expression through movement and being encouraged to express their unique personalities. With three levels we will place your teen in the class that suits them best, all levels are welcome – beginner to advanced. Dancers will perform two dances in our annual Spring Performance. This class can also be taken with ballet, acro and/or hip hop for a well rounded dance education.


Is your Teen full of energy? Then Acro is the perfect class! It is a great way to get some of that energy out, but also build and grow lifelong skill sets. In this class, we will work on learning the basics of Acrobatic techniques, such as forward rolls, bridges, handstands and cartwheels; all based on your child’s personal skill level. Dancers with previous Acro or gymnastics experience are welcome! More experienced students will work on advanced skills such as walkovers, aerials, handsprings & more! What is Acro? Acro is similar to gymnastics, but we only do floorwork and we move to music, no equipment. Acro Dance classes not only work to improve your child’s coordination skills, but also have lot of strength-building properties too, as well as improving your child’s flexibility and balance! This class can also be taken with Moving with Artistry, ballet and/or hip hop for a well rounded dance education.


Ballet is a beautiful & graceful dance form that can be learned at any age. This ballet class will have your teen moving with ease in no time Dancers will learn ballet technique & terminology with support & encouragement. Did you know that ballet is the foundation of most dance styles? We highly recommend incorporating this class into your child’s dance education. In addition, we also offer pre-pointe/pointe for those who are physically & technically ready. The best part? We have three levels, so all are welcome!


Your Teen will be moving and dancing in this high-energy class, set to the latest hip hop & pop music. Dancers not only learn hip hop, but improve their coordination, rhythm skills, and build up endurance in this fast paced, upbeat class. All levels are welcome! This class can also be taken with Moving with Artistry, ballet and/or acro for a well rounded dance education.


Our emerging leaders program is all about helping your teen build confidence and learn the skills needed to be an effective leader, mentor and teacher. Teens will learn how to teach various age groups and types of dance, and even learn how to choreograph their own dances. In addition, learning how to effectively communicate to different age groups and how to lead with compassion. Resulting in lifelong skills that can be used outside of the studio. After starting this program, students will be required to assistant teach 1 class per week and may use this time towards their volunteer hours for school. In addition, students in grades 9-12 will have the opportunity to be a paid substitute teacher, once they have completed the full program & have 1 school year of experience as an assistant teacher.

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