Meet Darnell!

Our New Hip Hop Teacher!

Darnell “Snoopy” Brown has been dancing has been dancing since the age of fourteen. What started as just recreational freestyling with hip-hop movement quickly turned into a potential career that he would be extremely passionate about. Dance has always been a way for Snoopy to express his feelings while at the same time being an active channel for him to pass along positivity to whoever crosses his path. Darnell’s professional dance career started soon after his introduction to a newer dance style called “Krump” which gave him his foundation in dance. He was blessed enough to train closely with Russell Ferguson (Season 6 winner of “So You Think You Can Dance”) after joining “Sidestreet” a peer mentoring focused krump crew that has now grown to take on the form of professional dance company. Snoopy has also worked closely with Ricardo Foster Jr and Kelly Peters who are active members of the hip-hop culture and dance entertainment industry. He still finds time to actively teach workshops in and around the Boston area. He has also taught in other states such as Maine and New Jersey. Darnell Currently works as a dance instructor at Boston University where he teaches a hip-hop focused dance class. Darnell “snoopy” Brown aims to actively be a student to all styles of dance and he plans to use dance as a way to connect spiritually to his higher self to promote his growth as a human being.

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