Your child’s dance journey begins with our Moving with Magic classes. This program was carefully curated and designed for our youngest dancers. See the smile on their faces as they are introduced to the magic of dance! Each class takes your child on magical journey, as they not only learn dance, but play games, build up social skills, and become classroom ready. Focused on providing an experience that fosters each child’s imagination while introducing the fundamentals of dance in a nurturing environment.

Magical Moments with Mom (Dad or Caregivers Welcome) Ages 1.5 to 3

Introduce your child to the magic of dance.  You will create magical moments together through creative movement & dance. You & your child will dance to familiar songs and new, play games together, and experience the joy of movement. All the while, helping to prepare for classroom readiness as they learn social & motor skills. Non-Performance Class

Magical Memories Ages 2.5 to 3.5

See your child grow as they begin their dance journey independently, without a caregiver, in this class. They will begin to create their own magical memories & continue to improve their social & motor skills. This class is truly magical! Each month has a magical theme and will include a special Storytime each class.   In addition, your child will be introduced to ballet through the RAD syllabus, learn tap dance, and play engaging movement games. Once a month parents will be invited in to class for a few moments to watch students perform a special magical dance.

FairyTale Dance Ages 3.5 to 5

Dreams really do come true.. come join us for this magical dance experience! This program is specifically designed to introduce your little princess or prince to ballet and tap in a fun, playful and imaginative setting. Each month focuses on a special fairy tale or princess story. Students will be read the story, dance, & receive special gifts throughout the year. All the while learning the fundamentals of dance and providing an unique experience that builds confidence, classroom readiness, and gross motor skills. Once a month parents will be invited in to class for a few moments to watch students perform a special fairytale dance.

Fantastic Foundations Grades K-1

Your child’s fantastical dance journey begins as they learn the foundations of ballet, tap & jazz. Students continue to learn Ballet through the RAD syllabus, become more familiar with tap & are even introduced to jazz dance. Having a fantastical experience through a playful & imaginative introduction to these dance foundations.

Hop N’ Tumble Grades K-2

Does your child love to move & groove? Then this class is for them. Your child wiIl be moving and grooving throughout this whole class!  See the joy as they dance to their favorite pop songs, and are introduced to hip hop & tumbling.  They will learn the basics of hip hop and safely learn tumbling skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels & more! They will love this high energy class that builds up strength and coordination. This class can also be taken in addition to our Fantastical Foundations or Fundamentals I class for a full, well rounded introduction to dance.

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